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Pricing and Autosense

How Does AutoSense Price Their Cars?

  This seems to be a matter of some debate. In this area it seems that Haggling is still a required thing. It puzzles me a bit. Most people agree that they don't like the old way of selling used cars, but don't want to, or can't believe that a car is priced well. It doesn't matter  how "below market price", our used car or truck is. People always offer less. Honestly it's frustrating becuase we go through so much work to be sure that we aren't over priced. I feel that we need to give anyone that reads this an explaination. Autosense is designed from the beginning to give you a very low price. How do we do that?

  Every used car, truck, suv, or minivan on our lot, has a sticker price. That's not just some made up number here at Autosense. It's the NADA Retail value of that car. Feel free to look it up. It's the truth. From day one every car has a certified below market price that's put on the cars windshield. That's the price that you can pay for it. It's really easy... No Haggle...We've done the leg work for you. Our General Manager spends hours online each day researching prices and actually has a program that can pull up every car with the same options listed online around the area... within a specified radius. Then we price it less... every time. We know right up front the flaws. We took that into consideration when we bought it. Same as you do. You may find a similar vehicle for less. But there will always be a reason why...less options, more miles, possibly a troubled past.

  1. Cost control - Our sales people are not commissioned. How is that a benefit to you? When you don't have to pay a big commission to a salesperson you can control your mark up, also its been proven that salespeople are less pushy when they don't have to stress about getting paid. And you can rest assured they are looking out for your best interest. In fact the only way our sales people get a bonus is you, the guest put in writing how happy you were about your experience.

  Also our service department is here to facilitate the used vehicle sales department, not the other way around like some of the larger dealerships. What I mean by that is we don't try to over pack service into the cost of our cars. We are able to more affordably repair what needs to be done to a car right up front, and do it right without skipping corners because it costs to much... End result. You get a better car for a better price. 

  2. We don't over staff - The more employees that are on payroll the more you have to charge for your goods. Overhead reflects in price. We have a Certified Mechanic, A professional used car detailer. A guest liason ( sales person ) an office manager, and a general manager. We are all cross trained to help each other in each job, if need arises, or demand for one service over the other is heavier one day over the other. We don't have a cleaning staff... at least not yet. We all do the job so we can keep our prices low. You can walk into our showroom any day of the week. It's clean and very professional looking. If it's not. let our general manager know. We will take care of it. It's all about efficiency which in turn saves you money.

  I know that trust is a big thing... But give us the opportunity. We really do put our guests interests in the forefront of everything we do.  


Where to find a Christmas tree around Plover WI.

This Christmas it's a set of keys and some trees!! 

  The holiday season is upon us, and we want to help you find a natural Tree this Holiday season. From now 11/23 until December 10th, AutoSense of Plover will include a Christmas tree with your purchase! Not only are we giving you one out of appreciation for your business, but we will be also donating in your name, another tree for Operation Boot Strap so they can distribute them to a family that may not be able to get one for themselves. 

  Autosense used car, truck and suv sales, service, and detailing will be partnering up with Smileys bar and grill, a local Holiday tree supplier for several years to bring some good cheer to the area! That's not where its going to stop though. Our management here at AutoSense will be pulling out all the stops. We're looking to sell as many cars as possible, and we are looking at every deal to make sure we can help you get a nicer, newer, trouble free car this holiday season. We've been extended special rates from our lending partners, and every car has been reduced to a special rock bottom price that is sure to save you tons of cash! 

  If you're looking for a way to score a tree, and you need a sweet new ride, AutoSense is your source for clean reliable used cars, and prices lower then the market average for the years, miles, and the options on each car. We scour the internet to make sure that you are  getting the very best deal upfront... That's why we say, "Now that's an automotive experience that makes sense!" This sort of common sense selling approach isn't really widely adopted from one dealership to the next. From our honest, transparent descriptions that actually tell you about the awesome traits, to the flaws that determine higher or lower prices in the market. Autosense of plover is the place that you should be purchasing your next used car from for these reasons and more. Find out today! Browse our growing and ever changing selection of premium used cars, trucks, and suv's by clicking on the links provided below.

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How to put air in tires | Auto Sense Plover Tips

Car Maintenance 101: How to Check Your Tire Pressure & How to Put Air in Tires

Stay safe. Save money, and fuel


Underinflated tires can cause deadly mishaps. This is why it is so important that you learn how to check your tire pressure and learn how to put air in your tires. It is fairly easy, and can save your life, gas, and time. Properly inflated tires also prevent untimely maintenance bills on your vehicle. Are you convinced that inflating your tires is beneficial now?


Semi flat tires shorten the life of your car’s tires. This increased wear and tear can cause around $400 of additional expenses.


Fuel is wasted when your tires do not have the right amount of pressure. How much fuel? The US Transportation Department’s research found that millions of gallons of gas are squandered daily because of tires that are not inflated with the correct amount of tire pressure.  That is billions of gallons each year, since individuals don't set aside the opportunity to blow up their tires appropriately.


Alright, we hope you really understand how important this is. It is important to have the correct amount of air at the right pressure levels in your tires to maintain your fuel’s efficiency and prevent unplanned and expensive maintenance on your vehicle. Furthermore you can’t simply eyeball your tire to determine if it inflated correctly. You really need to measure it, unless it is absolutely flat and then it’s obvious that it is in need of more air.


How to Check Your Tire Pressure


Now since you understand the importance of having the correct tire pressure, the experts here at Auto Sense Plover in Plover, Wisconsin want to walk you through the steps of how to check your tire’s air pressure with minimal measure of fuss and stress.


1.       Purchase a computerized tire gage and put it in your auto. Most tire gauges cost only $10.  Consider purchasing a little journal to track your tire pressure over time, and improved mileage.

2.       Research and identify the necessary tire pressure level for your vehicle. This data is typically found either in the doorjamb of your driver’s side door or in the manual. Remember to pay attention if different pressure levels are required for the front versus the back tires.


3.       Tire pressure is best measured once car tires are cool. Tires warm during transit. Tires typically take 30 minutes to cool. Another best practice is to check your tire pressure in the early morning before you start the engine.



4.       Take the top cap of the tire valve and place it in a safe place where you will not forget or lose it.


5.       Place the tire gauge over the tire’s valve stem. You might hear a little murmur as you push down on the valve stem and again as you discharge it. You should do this for a moment or two, just long to get the exact data.


6.       The Tire pressure reading will be on the tire gauge. We recommend that you write down the tire pressure as you measure the pressure around the car.


After you complete those six steps the next thing you must do is look at the required levels. You can look at the sticker inside the car door or the car manual for this information. If the tire pressure is lower than the recommended amount, then it is time to fill up your tires. If the tire pressure amounts match the manual, then you are fine. If it is higher then you need to let out a little pressure from the tires.


For instance, the sticker inside the car door might state that the suggested level is 32 psi (pounds per square inch). When you check your tire you discover it is 29 psi. You have to convey your tire weight up to spec. It's evaluated that for each 3 psi beneath spec, you consume 1 percent more fuel (and include 10 percent more tire wear). It's normal to be 10 psi beneath spec, which would squander 3 percent more fuel and increment tire wear by 45 percent.


How to put air in your tires


There are a couple of ways to put air in your tires to the recommended levels. One option is to use a portable air compressor. A portable air compressor will allow you to take your time and refill your tires in the comfort of your driveway or carport.  Most compressors are cheap and are unable to rapidly fill your tires. AutoSense Plover highly recommends that you spend a couple of additional dollars to move up to a higher quality compressor that can connect to your battery terminals instead of your cigarette lighter.


The gas station or the corner store typically is the most popular place to put air in car tires. Many of these public air compressor charge 50 cents to a dollar. However if you ask the attendant nicely they might turn the compressor on free.


Modifying Your Tire Pressure


This is the way to change your car tire pressure:


1.       Get right next to the air compressor so the hose will reach every car tire.


2.       Turn the air compressor on. (You will hear the compressor engine starting to run.)


3.       Take the tire stem tops off and put them in your pocket or a safe place where wind can’t blow them away and you won’t forget where you put them. (Maybe your car’s ash tray if you don’t smoke)


4.       Place the air compressor hose firmly over the valve stem and press the lever to secure in place. You should feel the sensation of air coming through the hose and hear it blowing into the tire. There might be a little effort required to keep the connection stable on the valve stem.


5.       Verify that there is enough pneumatic stress in the tires by discharging the swelling lever. The gage on the hose fitting will appear on the off chance that you have roughly enough pneumatic stress. You can check it again later with your own particular gage. Now, it is smarter to marginally overinflate the tire.


6.       Change the weight in every one of the tires similarly. (Note: If the tires are warmed up, expand the tire weight to 3 psi over the predetermined sum.)


7.       Recheck the tire weight with the computerized gage. In the event that the weight is too high, press the gage down sufficiently far to discharge some air from the tire. Check it once more.


8.       Put the valve tops back on each one of the tires.


In the event that you start checking your tire weight once every month, you will in the long run locate a decent service station that has a strategically placed air compressor.


Presently it's an ideal opportunity to appreciate improved car performance, mileage, and a reduction in wear and tear on your car and tires. 

If you are interested in service for your vehicle, or exploring the ever changing inventory at Auto Sense Plover, please call us now at (715) 544-1571 and 

let us help you find your next great vehicle. 

Does your car have a timing belt.

Looking for Automotive Service?  
Vehicle maintenance can be an overwhelming task when you aren’t familiar with all of the vehicle's various parts and functions. AutoSense of Plover is sharing tips on how to take care of one of the more unfamiliar maintenance tasks -- timing belt and water pump replacement in Stevens Point, WI.
Your Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Volkswagon, or what ever your brand is comprised of many moving parts and functions, which means there are several areas of which drivers need to be mindful in order to ensure their vehicles are operating properly. One area that often gets overlooked is timing belt and water pump replacement. A broken timing belt can be damaging to your vehicle's engine, but the team at AutoSense of Plover has the tools and specialists on hand to perform these replacements and keep your vehicle on the road for many years to come.

When to replace your timing belt and/or water pump

Each vehicle is different and requires distinct maintenance. In order to make sure the service is performed at the correct times, drivers can consult their owner’s manuals for detailed maintenance schedules.
According to a Honda maintenance schedule, a Honda’s timing belt and water pump needs to be inspected and/or replaced every 84 months or with every 105,000 miles traveled. Most Volkswagens are at 120,000. Every manufacturer is different.  Under normal driving conditions there are several other maintenance tasks that need to be performed -- replace engine oil, rotate tires, replace engine oil filter, check all fluid levels, etc. However, Wisconsin experiences several harsh driving conditions, which means drivers have to perform more intensive vehicle servicing, or maintenance is required more often due to the cold and the salt.

Used Vehicle Service Plover, WI

The team at AutoSense is equipped to perform any maintenance task your vehicle could ever need to keep its performance intact.
Each service professional at AutoSense of Plover, is outfitted with the knowledge to take on any maintenance task drivers may need performed. From knowing when the vehicle needs maintenance done to knowing exactly how to complete it efficiently and accurately, the professionals at AutoSense are second to none. To schedule a maintenance appointment today, contact our dealership online or by phone.

Oil Changes and Autosense

Oil is a vehicle's lifeblood and requires consistent upkeep and maintenance unlike any other area of a car. However, it often gets neglected leading to more severe vehicle issues or prolonged wear. Our team at AutoSense in Plover Wisconsin, makes it easy for drivers to remember when they need an oil change in Stevens Point, WI with its unmatched service and convenient online scheduling.
Our Service Department is backed by specially trained service technicians who dedicate their careers to keeping drivers safe and excited behind the wheel. From routine maintenance like oil changes to full-on engine repairs, these specialists have the knowledge and skill sets to keep each vehicle running efficiently for years to come.

Why do oil changes matter?

As previously mentioned, oil is one of the most integral elements of a vehicle’s performance. When it isn’t properly cared for, it can create expensive and dangerous challenges for the vehicle and its driver.
Drivers who care about their cars should care about oil changes. Oil protects the engine and all of its parts by keeping them lubricated and cool during operation. Additionally, oil moves throughout the vehicle to keep all of its parts clean and free from corrosion to improve performance and increase fuel efficiency. As oil gets older, its vital additives deplenish, making the oil degrade and the processes it runs work harder than they need to. The question is simple - would you rather pay for an oil change or a new car?

Oil change coupons - Stevens Point, WI

We understand that car maintenance can be costly, which is why we not only strive to offer leading car maintenance prices in Stevens Point, WI, but we also offer coupons to lower the cost of vehicle services.
At AutoSense we always offer a new set of service specials specials to lighten the load of car maintenance prices. Whether the coupon offers a discount solely on an oil change or bundles that service with another, drivers are able to take advantage of these offers as well as schedule a corresponding service appointment online at their convenience. To learn more about the services offered here at AutoSense, contact us today.

Need to Fix your Brakes

Auto Brake Repair in Plover, WI

Car brake repair in Stevens Point, WI
Along with oil change and tire services, we also offer brake service in Stevens Point, WI. Whether your new or used car, truck, or suv. needs new brakes or you need a technician to check your brakes, the AutoSense of Plover, Service Department is happy to help our customers.
Before we begin work on your brakes, we will give you an estimate of cost and let you know what needs to be done. We will also let you know when you can expect your vehicle to be ready.
You don't have to purchase your vehicle from us in order to get service from our dealership. If you need brake rotors, calipers, pads, fluid, or just a check-up, please call the AutoSense Service Department to set up an appointment.

Battery Replacement Tips

Battery Repair/Replacement
  Imagine having to perform each day without energy or power. You wouldn't be able to accomplish much, right? Just like us, our vehicles require car batteries in Stevens Point, WI to thrive from day to day, which is why we must understand how to maintain and exchange them to keep them performing at their full potential.
Keeping a car battery charged isn’t the driver’s only concern. While having a set of jumper cables on hand is always a smart idea, the maintenance a driver performs on his or her battery until that point can be even more important. The team at AutoSense is offering a set of tips useful in increasing a car batteries life span. The dealership is also home to a talented service department prepared to assist drivers with any of their car battery concerns or questions.

How to maintain a car battery

Like any part of our vehicles that work exceedingly hard, car batteries have a lifespan -- one that we try to maintain for as long as possible.
One of the best ways to ensure the health of a car battery is to look at it. That sounds simple enough, because it is. But so often drivers forget to periodically check on their vehicles’ parts. Drivers can look under the hood to check the battery and its terminals for any corrosion or dirt. The positive and negative charge terminals should also be stable and in place for efficient charging when necessary. Storage is another important aspect of the car battery’s shelf life. Drivers should store their vehicles or car batteries in a cool, dry location. Should a battery go unused for long periods of time, drivers may want to consider a battery maintainer to keep the voltage at the recommended amount.

How to replace a car battery

Replacing a car battery is one of the easiest car maintenance tasks a driver can perform. However, some drivers may still feel more comfortable having automotive specialists take over, which is why Autosense of Plover employs a well-trusted team of car maintenance specialists to get the job done.
To replace a car battery, drivers have to follow approximately five simple steps. If drivers prefer placing their trust in the specialists at Autosense, that’s also a simple and efficient option. Drivers can easily schedule maintenance online or by phone when they visit the dealership’s website. Available for a variety of vehicle repairs and car maintenance, the team will ensure drivers get back on the road quickly, efficiently and confidently.

Grand Opening!


  We have been planning the last week for our grand opening sale!! Make sure that you come on down! This Saturday we will be grilling burgers and dogs, and giving a bunch of stuff away just for a test drive... Come on over and check us out! Basically we want you to understand just how nice, dependable, and great our vehicles and dealership really are. Plus you get to meet our people! 

1.We will be having a weekly drawing all month long for a family 4 pack free admission to MT. OLYMPUS water and theme park. if you purchase a car in the month of August you will be entered for this drawing. Winners will be announced each Saturday via our facebook page. Be sure to like us there. We're always doing something fun. We have 4 4packs of tickets to give out. .

2. Test drive a car, and you can have your choice of free admission to Nickelodeon Universe in the ...mall of America, or free admission to moose mountain. Again we will be doing this all month.

3. Purchase a vehicle from AutoSense and if your car doesn't already have navigation we will add it!

We have the best cars, at the best prices. Come on down and check us out. This is the place to do business, let us show you why this is an automotive experience that makes sense!

AutoSense Offering Trade-In Incentives Throughout

Young couple shaking hands with car salesman

Where to Trade In Your Car Near Stevens Point WI 

It’s never the wrong time to buy a new car. Whether you need a different style of vehicle to suit your driving needs or your car is on its last leg, it’s beneficial to keep your eyes peeled for an upgrade. However, some vehicles can get expensive, so it’s smart to trade in your vehicle towards a new one. So, where can you trade in your car near Stevens Point, WI? 

Young woman sitting in the driver's seat of a carVehicle Trade-In Promotions Plover WI 

If you’re looking to trade in your vehicle and upgrade, look no further than AutoSense of Plover. AutoSense is the perfect place to trade in your car, and we help give you the tools to be able to easily budget out your next purchase. In fact, you can enter your vehicle’s information into our website to get an estimate of what your car’s trade-in value will be. If you find a vehicle you’re interested in, you can also punch in your information through our online credit approval tool directly on our website as well.  

See more: What is the difference between horsepower and torque? 

Luckily for car shoppers in the Stevens Point area, AutoSense is offering an extra $250 on top of your car’s trade-in value. While you should make sure to act fast if you wanted to take advantage of this offer, drivers can get the extra $250 on their trade throughout August.  

If you would like to learn more about why AutoSense is a great place to trade in your car near Stevens Point, WI, be sure to contact us today at AutoSense of Plover. You can also get behind the wheel of your favorite vehicles by browsing our expansive inventory of vehicles and scheduling a test drive today at our dealership.  

Servicing your used car.

  I get a lot of people that ask me what their service (oil change) intervals should be. There really are a lot of variables. With used trucks that are used in the field you will want to make sure you change your oil much more often since they are exposed to so much more dirt and elements. it also depends on whether or not you use Synthetic Oil. Depending on the brand you can go out up to 10 to 12,000 miles, but you will raise your cost per oil change.  

  Do you live in colder climates like northern Wisconsin, Michigan, or Minnesota? If so that may change your intervals a bit too.  I have always felt that oil is cheaper then a new motor or transmission. The older the car, i think the more important it is to stay on top of that service. There are a lot of options out there but if you want some honest to goodness great advice talk to Kevin. He will always steer you in the right direction. 

  Our oil change here is 29.95 with a full multi-point inspection, and tire rotation in August. If you're ever in need be sure to get in touch!


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