It's been a long time in coming, on Monday the 22nd we were able to legally sell used cars in the state of Wisconsin. This is so exciting. Our staff here at AutoSense is really excited to start meeting some new people. What we are doing here is a little new to this market, but we have our fingers crossed that our style of business will be well received. If you have made it this far, you most likely have read our about us page. If you haven't I suggest that you do. We really think that you will find our way of doing things refreshing. The one that that I worry about is that everyone in this area is so used to negotiation on a car deal that our no haggle pricing will not be well received.  I really hope that it will. 

  Right now we are working in getting all our financing sources, titling and registration and that sort of thing, all put together. We have to dot all the I's and cross the T's so to speak. 

  We have a great variety of used trucks, a few nice used suvs, and some really rare and different used cars. We are really specializing in just plain ole good quality cars. We have some with as low as 19k miles and some with up to 100k to make something nice for every budget. Stop on in. We're excited to meet you. Even if you don't buy a car we're happy to talk, and let you meet our staff. If you know someone that may be looking, feel free to refer us.

  Thanks for reading!

  Clark Collins

  General Manager